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Most Advanced Bot

Swag Bot

Swag Bot

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SwagBot, the ultimate Add to Cart and Auto Checkout Bot designed to revolutionize your shopping journey. Explore the advanced features that make SwagBot the go-to choice for a seamless shopping experience.

Note: Purchasing the bot enhances success chances, but success is not guaranteed. Regular updates ensure optimal performance. If you disagree with these terms, kindly refrain from purchasing our products or services.


  • Lightning-Fast Checkout:
    • Adds to cart and completes checkout swiftly.
  • Dynamic Auto-Refresh:
    • Auto-refreshes on both product and product listing pages until the desired item is available.
  • Smart Search Functionality:
    • Searches for items using keywords and colors, ensuring precision in your selections.
  • Flexible Payment Options:
    • Auto checkout with both PayPal and credit card options.
  • Customizable Settings:
    • Set refresh time, page URL, colors, keywords, and any size according to your preferences.
  • Timer Functionality:
    • Schedule the bot to start at a specified time (coming soon).
  • Keyword Search Facility:
    • Input keywords for precise item targeting.
  • Frequent Updates:
    • Enjoy regular updates with new site additions and features to keep SwagBot at the forefront.
  • User-Friendly Commands:
    • Use the Alt+U command to seamlessly start and stop the bot.
  • Unlimited Use with Premium Support:
    • Experience unlimited use with two years of free updates and premium customer support.


  • Installation:
    • Follow the instructions in the provided PDF file sent via email after purchase. Click the extension icon on the top-right browser bar.
  • Site Selection and Configuration:
    • Enter/select the site name, collection page or item page URL, refresh time, colors, size, and keywords.
  • Keyword Search Operations:
    • Utilize AND and OR operations for precise keyword searching.
  • Address and Payment Input:
    • Enter billing details, shipping address (if needed), and payment information. Save the details.
  • Bot Activation:
    • Start the bot, and it will auto-refresh until the item is available. Once available, it adds to the cart and auto-checkout.
  • Captcha Handling:
    • Manually solve captchas if they appear during the process.
  • Site Compatibility:
    • Keyword search and cart addition on selected sites, with checkout functionality on most Shopify sites.
  • Support and Assistance:
    • Contact us for any queries or issues.


  1. The latest version: 0.0.1
  2. Problems solved:
  3. How to install: Click here
  4. How to update: Click here
  5. How to make multiple chrome profiles for multiple items purchased or multiple accounts open on one computer: Click here
  6. If any problem occurs or the bot doesn’t work please contact us: Click Here



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