Frequently Asked Questions

1 . Are proxies recommend? What proxies should I use? 

Yes, We recommend you use anything that has shown success in the past or any legit company such as ypp or Blazing. There are many other options just make sure you buy a reliable and safe choice.

2. Are vpns recommended? What vpn should I use?

Yes, For VPN We recommend you to use either tunnel bear which is free for your first time of use or Express vpn. There are many other options just make sure you buy a reliable and safe choice.

3. Are servers recommended? What server should I use? 

Yes, We recommend you to use. Bu server is not mandatory. There are many other options just make sure you use a legit, secure server. Running the softwrae

4.  My Program will not open? I have a bug in my Program? My Program doesn't work? How do I install / uninstall the software? I am having an issue?

Any of these bot related questions / concerns / issues can be handled by our live 24/7 support team. For more info click support on the top right of the website.

6.  Am I able to get a refund even if I never used the bot? If my program does not success then will I be able to get a refund?  Is success guaranteed?

First- No since this is a digital item all sales are final. Second/Third -many releases are highly limited so items going out of stock can happen often, There any many issues that you can run into such as website traffic, inventory error, bad proxies, bad server, website updates last during the last second, etc...  that are not related to us. Also for limited items many bots running simultaneously by other usrers  to get those items and number of bots  During any website update/ anything along those lines we will try our best to update the bot ASAP. IF you have any questions about this please contact us at any time.

7.  Are updates free? how long will it take to update my bot? how often do you guys update the bot? is there season renewals?  

We update all our bots to make sure we have the most success. About 99.99 percent of the time updates will be free, we only charge for a update if its something major or customized bot.

8.  Am I allowed to use/test the bot then purchase it?

No, all sales are final please take a look at our success page if you are having any second thoughts.

9. How do I update my program?

All updates will be automatic. If they are not we will inform you what to do otherwise by email or on twitter.

10. Do your programs work on apple software/computers? Do your program work on window computers/software?

Yes, our programs are a google chrome extension, so as long if you have the google chrome desktop version available you are able to use our program on any system.

11. Can I purchase multiple items while using your program? 

Yes, you can open a new tab and run another task. Just be mindful if the item is limited to one per person, so that your item does not get cancelled.

12. Can I run my Bot on multiple computers?

No, you can only have your bot active on one computer at all time. If you would like to have multiple bots running on different computers at the same time you have to purchase more copies.

13. Can I switch the computer I want my bot to be ran on?

Yes, just deactivate the bot and uninstall it. after that install the bot on the new computer and active it and, you are all set. 

14. Where do I get keywords and early links.

We will supply them to you either by tweeting it, emailing, or updating it on the main page of the bot, well in advanced before the release.

15. Is there support on major product releases? 

Yes, we will have extra help on major releases to help out everyones questions and concerns.

16. I forgot my key / lost / shut my bot down on my server?

If you are in any of these situations please email us or direct message us via twitter.

17. I have not received my bot? 

Delivery should be instant if they are not. please email us or direct message us via twitter.

18. Are your bots easy to use for a first time user?

Most defiantly! Our programs have the easiest layout and are built to make sure everyone can use them right away. If you still are confused about operating the bot you can always reach out to us or watch a tutorial video.

19. Is your bot successful?

Yes, most defiantly! You can check out out our success page on the top right of the website and also check out our twitter success page.

20. How to update the bot? Will it auto update or need to manually update?

You can update it by two ways as follows:

i. Just restart the browser it will auto update if it uploaded from local machine. If not then follow the second method.

ii. Just open chrome browser then visit to extension management page then look on top row of that page then you will find "Developer mode" just click on that checkbox then just below that checkbox, one button "Update extensions now" will appear immediately then click on that button. Just wait few seconds or minutes then it will auto update selected extensions with latest version. If you don't know how to open extension management page in chrome browser then just put this URL "chrome://extensions/" in URL bar of chrome browser then press enter key then it will open extension management page. Please take a look on the following picture if you still not able to understand how to update.

21. What to do if I found a product link is broken after I bought your product?

Please inform us by email(, skype(mostadvancedbot) or twitter DM(@mostadvancedbot). We will fix it within 24 hours.

22. What to do if my product is not working after install?

Please contact us so we can help you to install it and run it. If its outdated and need an update then you can give us 24-48 hours to make it ready.

23. Can I get full refund if I do not get a working product after purchase.

yes we will definitely refund you if we will not able to provide you an working product within 24 hours or any said time. Please inform us for your refund.

24. Can I get technical support after purchase?

Yes we will definitely give you very flexible and full free lifetime technical support regarding bot running or installation.

*** Kindly note that MostAdvancedBot is in no way affiliated with any of the brands advertised or displayed on the website