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Ebay Bot

Ebay Bot

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eBay Bot: Enhance Your Online Shopping with Advanced Automation

Our eBay Bot revolutionizes online shopping, offering a sophisticated solution for automated cart addition and checkout. Designed with precision, this bot facilitates searching for items using specific keywords and colors on collection pages, ensuring a personalized and efficient shopping experience.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Add-to-Cart and Checkout: Experience seamless and swift transactions.
  • Automatic Refresh: Continuously updates product pages and listings until items become available.
  • Customizable Search Parameters: Tailor your search with options for keywords, colors, sizes, and more.
  • Diverse Payment Methods: Supports both PayPal and credit card for auto-checkout.
  • Configurable Settings: Set refresh intervals, page URLs, timer, and other preferences to suit your needs.
  • Coming Soon - Timer-Based Start: Schedule the bot to activate at your desired time.
  • Comprehensive Keyword Search: Easily locate items with our enhanced keyword search functionality.
  • Regular Updates: Frequent enhancements add new sites and features, maintaining our bot's status as a leading tool in the market.
  • Extended Support: Enjoy unlimited usage with two years of free updates and support.

Note on Captchas: While the bot can automatically click captcha checkboxes, manual intervention is required for image captchas.


  • Latest Version: 0.1.8
  • Recent Improvements: Numerous fixes for enhanced functionality.
  • Installation Guide: Click here
  • Update Instructions: Click here
  • Tips on Managing Multiple Chrome Profiles: Click here
  • For Support and Troubleshooting: Click Here

Important Considerations: Our eBay Bot is designed to increase the probability of successful transactions. However, it is important to note that it does not guarantee success for every cart addition. In the event of software updates, we are committed to providing timely enhancements. We advise customers to review these terms carefully before purchase.

Supported Platforms:

  1. (USA)   Click here  
  2. (Canada) Click here

Elevate your eBay shopping experience with our advanced eBay Bot – your companion for efficient and streamlined online purchases.




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