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Zolaro Bot

Zolaro Bot

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ZolaroBot, your ultimate Add to Cart and Auto Checkout companion. Our advanced auto-buying bot is designed to enhance your chances of securing coveted items, offering a seamless and efficient shopping experience. Here's why ZolaroBot stands out:

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Search Capability:
    • Utilize keyword searches for effortless item identification.
    • Auto-refresh on product listing pages until the desired item is available.
    • Set customizable page refresh times for optimal performance.
  • Comprehensive Item Identification:
    • Implement color search functionality for precise product selection.
    • Seamlessly add items to the cart, auto-fill details, and complete the checkout process.
  • User-Friendly Interface:
    • Enjoy a convenient and user-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Regular Updates and Testing:
    • Benefit from frequent updates, ensuring compatibility and effectiveness.
    • Rigorous testing guarantees reliability with each release.
  • Continuous Feature Enhancement:
    • Experience ongoing improvements with new features added monthly.

Installation and Setup Guide:

  • Simple Installation Process:
    • Follow the provided PDF guide sent via email after purchase.
    • Click on the extension icon located in the top-right corner of the browser extension bar.
  • Configure Settings:
    • Enter the collection or product page URL in the bot settings.
    • Define product keywords and customize the search with 'AND' or 'OR' operations.
    • Specify size and color preferences for accurate results.
    • Set the desired page refresh time in milliseconds.
  • Autocheckout Configuration:
    • Enable autocheckout and provide necessary billing information.
    • Easily manage payment details, ensuring a smooth checkout process.
  • Handling Captchas:
  • The bot will pause if a captcha appears; solve it manually and click 'Next' to resume.
  • Troubleshooting:
    • In case of issues, manually click 'Next' if the bot stalls.
    • If the website is overloaded, stop the bot, refresh the page, and inform us for prompt resolution.
  • Bot Updates:
    • Ensure your bot is up to date before use.
    • Visit this link for manual update instructions.


  1. The latest version is 0.0.2
  2. Problems solved: auto-refreshes implemented “page not found“. page.
  3. How to install: Click here
  4. How to update: Click here
  5. How to make multiple chrome profiles for multiple items cart or multiple accounts open in one computer: Click here
  6. If any problem occurs or the bot doesn’t work then please contact us: Click Here


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