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Walmart Bot

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Walmart Add to cart and Autocheckout bot. This auto buying bot can checkout the limited items on Walmart site very fast. You can use this bot for Game or Funko items purchase. This bot will refresh the item page or items listing page until item available and once available this bot can checkout that item very fast on release time. It has keyword search facility so bot can auto find the item using keywords. You can use this bot for size less products but for size or color based products please contact us.

Add To Cart


  1. Keyword search and auto item page finding.

  2. Can auto refresh on product listing page until item available.

  3. Page refresh time setting.

  4. Bot can checkout using walmart stored address and credit card info.

  5. Add to cart, Auto filling and complete checkout facility available.

  6. Very nice and user friendly interface.

  7. Very frequently updating and testing with real release.

  8. Rapid updates and many new features adding each month.

Bot Installation and Setup Guide

1. Install the bot from chrome web store by the given link in the PDF file which you have downloaded from our store and click on the extension icon on browser top bar.

2. Enter the collection page or product page URL in URL input field of bot setting page. For example

3. Enter product keywords(must be uniquely identify to the item. multiple keywords must be separated by comma(,) ). For examlpe: pilots,avengers

4. Please enter refresh time in milliseconds for example 1500

5. Select Autocheckout to “Yes” .

6. After selecting autocheckout to yes then payment info field will appear then click on the "Payment method" bar so it will expand.

7. You must have to store the address and credit card details on the Walmart account and must be login to the site before start the bot.

8. Enter Billing Address then check Shipping Address same as billing then click on "Payment Method" so it will expand then select payment method to credit card and put credit card cvv in the Bot then Save the Information and Start the bot.

9. Bot will wait if captcha appear in middle then you have to solve it manually then click on next button so bot will do rest.

10. In some very rare situation if bot stopped in any page then click the next button manually and bot will continue. If you see the website is overloaded and bot not responding then stop the bot and back or refresh the page manually and please try to inform us so we can fix the issue asap.

12. For any queries feel free to contact us using our contact us page or you can message us to our twitter handler. We are always available for customer support. We can get back to you within few hours. Please do not forget to follow us in twitter to get bot related news and updates.

13. Before use the bot must be sure that your bot is fully upto date or you have latest version installed. Bot can update automatically but in some situation latest version installation may take many hours. So you can manually update by following way.


MAB Walmart Bot Demo Setup

MAB Walmart Bot Demo Setup