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Stussy Bot

Stussy Bot

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Stussy Add to Cart and Auto-Checkout Bot

This auto-buying bot quickly checks out limited items on the Stussy website. It refreshes the item or item listing page until the product is available. Upon availability, it can swiftly check out the item at the release time. The bot includes a keyword search function to auto-locate items using specific terms. For inquiries, please reach us at

Note: Purchasing this bot can improve your chances of success but does not guarantee that you will successfully add every item to your cart each time. If the bot becomes outdated, we will provide necessary updates. If this policy is not acceptable, please refrain from purchasing our products or services.

Supported Sites

Add to Cart Features:

  1. Keyword search and auto-finding of item pages.
  2. Auto-refresh capability on the product listing page until availability.
  3. Customizable page refresh intervals.
  4. Checkout using stored Stussy address and credit card information.
  5. Comprehensive 'Add to Cart', auto-filling, and checkout process.
  6. User-friendly interface.
  7. Regular updates and testing with actual releases.
  8. Frequent introduction of new features and rapid updates.

Bot Installation and Setup Guide

  1. Install the bot following the instructions in the PDF sent via email after purchase. Click on the extension icon in your browser's extension bar.
  2. Enter the collection or product page URL in the bot's settings (e.g.,
  3. Input product keywords, separated by commas, for precise identification (e.g., "Stussy, mow").
  4. Set the refresh interval in milliseconds (e.g., 1500ms).
  5. Toggle Autocheckout to “Yes”.
  6. After enabling auto-checkout, fill in the payment information fields.
  7. Ensure your address and credit card details are saved on your Stussy account before starting the bot.
  8. Enter Billing Address details, confirm Shipping Address, select the payment method as credit card, input CVV in the Bot, then save the information and start the bot.
  9. Manually solve any captcha that appears during the process.
  10. In rare cases where the bot halts, manually click 'Next' to continue. If the site is overloaded and the bot is unresponsive, stop the bot, refresh the page, and inform us for a quick fix.
  11. For assistance, contact us via our website or Twitter. Follow us on Twitter for updates.
  12. Ensure your bot is up-to-date before use. Manual updates are available at


  • Latest Version: 0.0.9
  • Installation Guide: Click here
  • Key Fixes: PayPal payment selection issue and captcha checkbox on PayPal page resolved. Added support for
  • Updated Features: Billing address and 'Pay Now' button clicking issues fixed.
  • Update Instructions: Click here
  • Guide for Multiple Chrome Profiles: Click here
  • For support or troubleshooting, please contact us: Click Here



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