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Playasia Bot

Playasia Bot

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Playasia ProBot is a cutting-edge Add to Cart and Auto Checkout bot designed to enhance your online shopping experience. Swiftly securing limited items on the Playasia site, this advanced bot employs a dynamic keyword search feature, ensuring you never miss out on your desired products. For inquiries, reach us at


  • Intelligent Keyword Search:
    • Utilize "AND" for all required keywords.
    • Employ "OR" for any one of the keywords.
    • Example: key1 AND key2 AND key3, key1 OR key2 OR key3.
  • Auto-Refresh Functionality:
    • Set the page refresh time to your preference.
    • Ensures real-time updates on the product listing page until the item is available.
  • Efficient Cart Management:
    • Seamlessly Add to Cart, Auto Fill, and complete the checkout process.
    • User-friendly interface for a smooth experience.
  • Regular Updates and Testing:
    • Frequent updates and rigorous testing during actual releases.
    • Continuous addition of new features to enhance functionality.

Installation and Setup:

  • Installation Guide:
    • Follow the instructions in the provided PDF received via email after purchase.
    • Click on the extension icon in the top-right browser extension bar.
  • Setting Up Your Bot:
    • Enter the collection or product page URL in the bot settings.
    • Input unique product keywords, separated by commas.
    • Set the refresh time in milliseconds (e.g., 1500).
    • Enable Auto Checkout and enter payment details.
    • Solve captchas manually if needed.
  • Troubleshooting:
    • Manually advance through pages if necessary.
    • In case of website overload, stop and restart the bot manually.
    • Report issues promptly for swift resolution.


  1. The latest version: 0.0.2
  2. Problems solved: keyword search, credit card problem fixed, “update available notification“ and “refresh time range” implemented.
  3. How to install: Click here
  4. How to update: Click here
  5. How to make multiple chrome profiles for multiple items cart or multiple accounts open in one computer: Click here
  6. If any problem occurs or the bot doesn’t work then please contact us: Click Here


playasia Bot setup screenshot 1

playasia Bot setup screenshot 2

playasia Bot setup screenshot 3


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