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Panini America Bot

Panini America Bot

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Panini America Bot is an Add To Cart and Auto Checkout Bot. This auto-buying bot can checkout items very fast using an embedded browser and anti-bot techniques implemented in the bot. The bot can be scheduled to run at a specific time or you can start at any time. This is a windows based software bot and can run on Mac OS using a virtual window. After purchase, you need an activation key to activate the bot, which we will send to your registered purchased email account within an hour of your purchase.

Important: The bot is working as per the video, as you know the panini website is very tricky so it may update their website anytime to avoid the bot. If the bot failed then we can update the bot which is a guarantee but please do not buy if you want a 100% working or 100% success or are a newbie to bots. There is no guarantee that you will succeed with a bot. It may need human interaction at any time if the bot stopped in the middle. Please read all details and watch the video before you buy it. There is no refund if you will not succeed or the bot failed but we can guarantee to update the bot only. If you do not agree then please do not buy our products or services.



  • Time Scheduler.
  • The Add to cart, Auto filling, and complete checkout facilities are available.
  • Anti-bot features.
  • Keywords search.
  • Auto-refresh.
  • Auto quantity selection.
  • Very fast checkout and auto captcha solving.
  • Simple GUI to operate.
  • Frequent updates.
  • We provide premium customer support for this bot.


  • Auto captcha solver
  • Different billing and shipping addresses
  • Proxy Use.
  • Multi-profile saving option.
  • Multi-tab and multi-session.
  • Captcha Harvesting.



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