Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to download and install a bot? A: Upon purchase, an order receipt email with your order details and a download link will be sent. You can download the bot by login in to your account on our website

  • Q: How to download if my link expires?
  • Q: How to install it?
  • Q: How to update the bot?
  • Q: I have a problem with downloading or installing.
    • A: Contact us for assistance.

Q: Are these bots for unlimited use? A: All bots are free for lifetime unlimited use with two years of free updates only. They are restricted to one computer but usable in multiple Chrome profiles.

Q: What to do if my product is outdated after purchase? A: Contact us for updates. Bots are designed for long-term use, offering experience and knowledge despite occasional challenges.

Q: Is success guaranteed? A: No, success isn't guaranteed due to various factors beyond our control. We strive to update the bot promptly during website changes.

Q: Can the bot add items to the cart when they're out of stock and restock later? A: Yes, if you keep the bot running, it can automatically purchase the item when it restocks. The bot is designed to handle frequent fluctuations between out-of-stock and in-stock statuses, ensuring successful purchases upon restocking.

Q: Do you have any guarantees that this works? A: We can guarantee that our bot facilitates faster auto-checkout. While we commit to addressing any issues promptly through updates, success isn't guaranteed due to various factors. Nevertheless, using the bot can significantly enhance your chances of success.

Q: Can I get a full refund if I do not get a working product after purchase? A: Yes, a refund is possible if we can't resolve the issue within the given time frame.

Q: What if I made a charge-back or dispute after the purchase? A: Contact us first to resolve any issues. Unauthorized actions may result in legitimate defense to protect our reputation and cover dispute charges.

Q: How do I update my program? A: We'll notify you via email or Twitter about updates. For Chrome extension bots, check here.

Q: Do your programs work on Apple/Windows? A: Yes, our programs are Google Chrome extensions, compatible with any system supporting the desktop version of Google Chrome.

Q: Can I purchase multiple items while using your program? A: Yes, open a new Chrome profile for each task, keeping in mind item restrictions.

Q: Can I run my Bot on multiple computers? A: No, each bot can only be active on one computer at a time.

Q: Can I switch the computer for my bot? A: Yes, deactivate, uninstall, and install on the new computer.

Q: I forgot my key / lost / shut my bot down on my server? A: Email us at or direct message us via Twitter.

Q: I have not received my bot? A: Delivery should be instant; if not, contact us.

Q: Are your bots easy to use for a first-time user? A: Absolutely! Reach out to us or watch a tutorial video for assistance.

Q: Is your bot successful? A: Yes, check our success pages for verification.

Q: How to update the bot? Will it auto-update or need manual updates? A: Manual updates are required, following the provided steps.

Q: What to do if I find a broken product link after purchase? A: Inform us via email, Skype, or Twitter DM for a fix within 24 hours.

Q: What to do if my product is not working after installation? A: Contact us for assistance; updates may take around 2 business days.

Q: Are updates free? How long does it take to update my bot? How often do you update the bot? Is there season renewals? A: Updates are mostly free; major or custom updates may incur charges.

Q: Can I get technical support after purchase? A: Yes, flexible and full free technical support is provided.

Q: Are VPNs recommended? What VPN should I use? A: Recommended for multitasking software bots. Suggested VPNs include TunnelBear, Hola Chrome extension, or ExpressVPN.

Q: Are proxies recommended? What proxies should I use? A: Recommended but not mandatory for Chrome extension bots. Use reputable and safe choices for multitasking software bots.

Q: Are servers recommended? What server should I use? A: Not required for Chrome extension bots; recommended for multitasking software bots. Use a legit, secure server.

Q: Do I need to reinstall all bots after each update? A: Google does not support auto-update, so manual updates are necessary. Follow the second method for updates without reinstalling.