Terms and Conditions

By making use of the MostAdvancedBot web shop located at mostadvancedbot.com, you hereby consent and agree to the following Terms and Conditions of service.

In these terms and conditions, MostAdvancedBot utilizes terms such as "we," "us" or "our" which all refer to the MostAdvancedBot team. Terms like “you," “your” refer to the using buyer.




  • You consent and accept the payment means you use to shop on mostadvancedbot.com belongs to you and that you, and that you are authorizing transactions as the rightful payment holder. You (the buyer/user) consent and acknowledge that any order you placed on mostadvancedbot.com is authorized and approved by you.
  • All prices on mostadvancedbot.com can be changed at any time at the sole discretion of MostAdvancedBot without prior notice.
  • MostAdvancedBot has the right to stop or discontinue any service or product at any time.
  • By ordering/purchasing any product from the MostAdvancedBot web shop, you hereby consent and agree to not redistribute or resell the product in any, form or shape.
  • By purchasing/ordering any item or product from the MostAdvancedBot store, the buyer hereby consents and agree to all terms and conditions contained on this page.



All product and items sales are final. All bots will be sent via email instantly after purchase. ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE DIGITAL PROGRAMS WHICH MAKES ALL SALES FINAL. After purchasing any MostAdvancedBot item or product, the customer consent and acknowledge the fact that ALL PRODUCT SALES ARE FINAL. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product, kindly email us to resolve any issues.





All MostAdvancedBot products and software increase your chances on all releases on the given website(s) such software supports. In regards to this, there is no guarantee of success on any products being released. You are simply purchasing a software program. There can be a chance of website traffic, freezing, glitches, or loss of connectivity. We will not be liable or responsible for this since such an issue is out of our control. We cannot guarantee 100 percent success on any part because the stock might sell out. Our programs/products are designed to TRY to avoid all these issues as stated above.

Bot issues or inquiry  

Please email us at support at mostadvancedbot.com for the fastest response, or direct message us on Twitter or Instagram.



All programs and products provided and sold by MostAdvancedBot are guaranteed to be working perfectly and up to date as at purchase time. In regards to this, these sites may change their website interface or/and coding at any time, which may not disrupt the functionality. In such a situation where a website updates its interface or coding, MostAdvancedBot will develop an updated version of the software and send it out to the buyer as soon as possible. However, update development may take Twenty – Four (24) hours to Three (3) depending on the level of such update. However, if a website changes its interface or website encoding during a big release, leading to the failure of the program during the release, MostAdvancedBot will issue no refund. The buyer consent and agree that a claim will not be filed and a refund will not be requested if a site change or update occurs. 



All MostAdvancedBot bots require a fully loaded live version of the target website in order to function effectively. Website crashing, traffic, freezing, or any device/user/internet/site/ error will and can cause failure or disruption. For a fault like this MostAdvancedBot will not assume any responsibility or liability but the buyer will assume responsibility for failure due to the site crashing.



Placing an order on MostAdvanceBot webshop is final. There are no cancellations allowed. Any purchase on our webshop is 100% final but in certain cases, we allowed cancellation and refunds so please contact us with your reason if they are genuine and valid then we will cancel your order and refund you.



By purchasing any of our bots or product, you hereby consent and agree not to resell, redistribute or resend our product in any shape, form, or way. If you are found to be redistributing our product, you will be banned from purchasing from MostAdvancedBot, your software will be disabled and your license will be revoked without any notice, and no refunds will be given to you. Furthermore, any applicable legal action may be taken against you. All products sold by MostAdvancedBot are the sole property of MostAdvancedBot and should not be retransmitted or redistributed by any other party.



MostAdvancedBots reserves the right to change the price of any item, or product on our website at any time. MostAdvancedBot users have the right to free updates on the given product purchase. Updates will cover the original software product you purchased and the included features. In a case where after your purchase MostAdvancedBot is to release a new product for the given website that your product supported, you may not be entitled to this new update or features for free. However, you might have the opportunity to upgrade or add these new updates or features to your current program for a discounted price which will be decided at MostAdvancedBot sole discretion.



The product purchased at MostAdvancedBot may be downloaded and installed to one (1) device/browser only. The bot or any other product purchased may only be used by one (1) user. Product sharing among 2 people is prohibited. Any violators will be subject to an instant ban without a refund.


Contacting us through social

Access to MostAdvancedBot social media is a privilege that is exclusively granted by MostAdvancedBot. Defamation of MostAdvancedBot in any way on any social media platform is firmly prohibited. Any violation of this section will result in an instant and permanent block from MostAdvancedBot. There will be no prior warning before you are permanently blocked. By purchasing any bot or product on the MostAdvancedBot Shop, does not guarantee you access to MostAdvancedBot social media pages. Social media and contact include all MostAdvancedBot run profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and email contact with MostAdvancedBot and all representative parties. If you violate this social media policy section, your social media account(s) will be instantly blocked/banned from all MostAdvancedBot social media accounts.



All MostAdvancedBot programs are CRX files and run through the Google Chrome browser. All programs normally work on Windows OS, Mac OSX, Linux, and more. After your purchase, you consent and agree to the type of files you are purchasing and the needed operating systems needed to use and run the programs. Google Chrome browser is needed for flawless and smooth installation and may be needed every time because of computer restrictions. AIO Bot Packs are needed a storage requirement of <1MB (less than 1 MegaByte). In a situation where alternate files are required due to functionality or compatibility issues/concerns, MostAdvancedBot can supply through direct email or any time even after purchase and order have been completed.

Backdoor Tutorials are in .rtf and/or .pdf files format. All Backdoor offered by MostAdvancedBot requires that your selected item is loaded into the website system before you use the backdoor in order for suitable IDs to be attained. If IDs are not completely loaded, the backdoor may not be fully completed, although links may be able to be formed before IDs are loaded, depending on which format the website is.


By placing an order on mostadvancedbot.com, you, as the buyer, hereby consent and agree that you have the authorization to this purchase with your PayPal and/or any other creditor you are using. By adding any bot or product to your cart and checking out to pay, you hereby consent and agree that your credit card or any payment method you are using will be charged.



If a buyer charges back on any of our products/items we have the right to disable, ban, revoke, and block you from our website, and from purchasing any of our products/items. By purchasing any item from the MostAdvancedBot Store (tangible or intangible), you acknowledge and consent that any payment disputes, claims, chargebacks, or unauthorized purchase/transaction claim filed or opened by the buyer should be seen by the financial institution, Paypal or/and creditor as an effort and attempt to keep our bot and/or product fraudulently. 

Update policy- We do not require updating any free bots or refunded bots. If any issue happens where we cant update the bots we do not have to.


License policy

You may only have one license register on one device/server at one time. You may not resell your license.

Changes To This terms and conditions

MostAdvancedBot may update our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify/inform you of any changes by posting the new Terms and Privacy Policy on this page. We advise you to read and overview our conditions if there are any updates.



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