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Justdon Bot

Justdon Bot

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JustDon Bot – your ultimate Add to Cart and Auto Checkout solution, revolutionizing your shopping journey. Explore the features below to maximize your JustDon shopping experience.

Note: While our bot enhances success chances, successful carting is not guaranteed. Regular updates ensure optimal performance. If you disagree with these terms, kindly refrain from purchasing our products or services.

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  1. Swift Checkout:
    • Adds to cart and completes checkout swiftly using the HTTP web request method.
  2. Auto-Refresh Functionality:
    • Auto-refreshes on the product listing page until the item is available.
  3. Address Management:
    • Easily adds and saves both shipping and billing address details.
  4. Refresh Delay Setting:
    • Personalize your shopping experience by setting the refresh delay.
  5. Keyword Search:
    • Utilize keywords to precisely find the items you desire.
  6. Complete Checkout Facilities:
    • Unlock the full potential with Add to Cart, Auto Filling, and complete checkout options.
  7. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Enjoy a pleasant shopping experience with our sleek and user-friendly interface.
  8. Reliability and Updates:
    • Count on the most reliable and frequently updated bot in the market.
  9. Quick Updates:
    • Stay ahead with rapid updates, ensuring compatibility with last-minute website changes.
  10. Unlimited Use with Support:
    • Experience limitless use with two years of free updates and unwavering customer support.


  1. Installation:
    • Follow instructions in the provided PDF file sent via email after purchase. Click the extension icon on the top-right browser bar.
  2. Product Page URL Entry:
    • Enter the collection page URL.
  3. Keyword Entry:
    • Enter product keywords (separated by commas) to uniquely identify the desired item.
  4. Auto-Checkout Activation:
    • Select "Yes" for auto checkout. Billing address details will appear; expand by clicking on the "Billing Address" bar.
  5. Checkout Type Selection:
    • Choose "Complete Checkout" in the checkout type field.
  6. Address and Payment Input:
    • Enter billing details, ensure shipping address matches billing, select a payment method, and input payment information. Save the details.
  7. Bot Initiation:
    • Start the bot to add to the cart and auto checkout if auto-checkout is set to “yes.”
  8. Captcha Handling:
    • Manually solve captchas if they appear during the process.


  • Latest Version: 0.1.3
  • Problems Solved:
    • Fixed the shipping address problem.
    • Fixed the auto-refresh problem on the sold-out product.

Downloads and Installation:

  • Download Here
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Contact Us:

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Elevate your JustDon shopping experience with the JustDon Shopping Assistant Bot – Your Fashion Forward Companion

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