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Graffitiprints Bot

Graffitiprints Bot

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The Graffitiprints Bot is an efficient Add to Cart and Auto Checkout Bot designed to enhance your shopping experience on Graffitiprints websites. This auto-buying bot navigates through collection pages using specified keywords to swiftly add available items to the cart and proceed to checkout. Compatible with the Chrome browser, it operates seamlessly across all operating systems and can manage multiple purchases simultaneously through various Chrome profiles.

Supported Sites:


Key Features:

  • Quick add-to-cart and auto-checkout using HTTP web request methods.
  • Auto-refresh on product listing pages until the item is available.
  • Ability to save both shipping and billing address details.
  • Customizable refresh delay settings.
  • Keyword-based search for precise item targeting.
  • Comprehensive add-to-cart, auto-filling, and complete checkout process.
  • User-friendly interface for ease of use.
  • Regular updates for reliability and to adapt to website changes.
  • Unlimited use with 2 years of free updates and support.

Bot Installation and Setup Guide:

  1. Follow the installation instructions from the provided PDF and access the bot via the browser extension icon.
  2. Input the collection page URL into the bot's settings.
  3. Enter product keywords, uniquely identifying the item, and separate multiple entries with commas.
  4. Enable auto-checkout and fill in the billing and shipping address details. Then, choose a payment method and input the necessary information. Save these settings before starting the bot.
  5. The bot will automate the add-to-cart and checkout processes based on the selected settings.
  6. For assistance or any queries, contact our customer support team directly.


1. The latest version: 0.2.1

2. Problems solved:

3. How to install: Click here

4. How to update: Click here

5. How to make multiple chrome profiles for multiple items cart or multiple accounts open in one computer: Click here

6. If any problem occurs or the bot doesn’t work then please contact us: Click Here




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GraffitiprintBot setup screenshot 3

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