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Funko Bot

Funko Bot

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Funko Bot: Specialized Auto-Checkout Bot for Funko Collectibles

The Funko Bot is a dedicated tool for adding items to the cart and automating the checkout process on Funko Shop and Funko Europe Shop Online. It's specifically designed for purchasing Funko collectibles. The bot employs a repetitive search mechanism on the collection page using designated keywords to find desired items. When an item becomes available, the bot quickly adds it to the cart and completes the checkout process. Compatible with the Chrome browser, the Funko Bot works across all major operating systems and can operate on multiple Chrome profiles simultaneously, allowing users to target several items at once.

Add to Cart Features:

  1. Fast, browser-based auto-checkout bot designed to evade detection.
  2. Quantity selector to specify the desired number of items.
  3. Auto-refresh on the product listing (collection) page until the item is available.
  4. Ability to add and save both shipping and billing addresses.
  5. Auto-checkout options for credit card, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.
  6. Manual captcha solving required during the process.
  7. Upcoming feature: Auto-start timer for pre-release bot activation.
  8. Keyword search to find specific items.
  9. "AND" keyword search operation for items with all specified keywords.
  10. "OR" keyword search operation for items with any of the specified keywords.
  11. Option to search beyond the first page by specifying the page number.
  12. Unlimited use with complimentary updates and support.
  13. Regular updates for improved functionality.

Bot Installation and Setup Guide:

  1. Install the bot following the instructions in the provided PDF.
  2. Click the extension icon in your browser's extension bar.
  3. Enter the collection page URL, refresh time, keywords, and page number.
  4. Set auto-checkout to "yes," complete the billing address, and select "complete checkout."
  5. Enter billing and shipping addresses, payment information in the bot, save, and start the bot.
  6. The bot will refresh the collection page and purchase the item matching the specified keywords. If sold out, it continues refreshing. For a second item, input its keywords in the bot's keyword field.
  7. The bot can click the captcha checkbox; manual solving is necessary for image captchas.


  • Latest version: 2.4.3
  • Fixes: Updated payment method
  • Installation Guide: Click here
  • Update Guide: Click here
  • Guide for Multiple Chrome Profiles: Click here
  • For assistance or if the bot doesn't perform as expected, please contact us.


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