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F4dstudios Bot

F4dstudios Bot

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F4dstudios Bot - Advanced Auto-Buying Bot

Introduction: Welcome to F4dstudios Bot, an advanced auto-buying bot designed to enhance your purchasing experience on various big-cartel sites. Our bot facilitates the automatic addition to the cart and checkout process, supporting both PayPal and credit card payment methods. Please note that while using our bot can increase your chances of success, we cannot guarantee successful carting on every attempt. Regular updates are provided to ensure optimal functionality, and users are encouraged to purchase our products or services only if they agree to these terms.

Key Features:

  1. Auto-refresh functionality: The bot continually refreshes big cartel sites until the desired item becomes available.
  2. Keyword search: Easily locate items using specific keywords for efficient page finding.
  3. Universal checkout: Capable of checking out on all F4dstudios Bot-supported sites.
  4. Cart addition: Can add items to the cart on most F4dstudios Bot sites, provided their page structure matches the original site.
  5. Size selection: Users can input the desired size for items.
  6. Customizable settings: Adjust page refresh and checkout times to suit preferences.
  7. Comprehensive address input: Enter and save both shipping and billing addresses.
  8. Payment options: Checkout using either credit card or PayPal payment systems.
  9. Global support: Compatible with shipping to all countries.
  10. User-friendly interface: A visually appealing and easy-to-use interface.
  11. Regular updates: Quick updates provided in response to website changes and bot updates.
  12. Unlimited use: Enjoy unlimited access with 2 years of free updates and support.
  13. Quick start/stop: Convenient keyboard shortcuts for bot control.

Installation and Setup Guide:

  1. Install the bot following the instructions in the provided PDF.
  2. Access the bot setting page and input the collection or home page URL.
  3. Enter product keywords (separated by commas) for efficient identification.
  4. Specify the desired size and enable auto-checkout if required.
  5. Input billing and shipping address details, choose a payment method, save the information, and start the bot.
  6. For direct links, enter the product page URL directly in the designated field.
  7. The bot will add items to the cart and perform auto-checkout if the option is selected.
  8. Manually solve any captchas that may appear during the process.

Bot Updates: Latest version: 0.0.9 Problems solved: Implemented "Site search" functionality and "Random refresh time range" functionality. Download: [Download Here] Installation guide: [Click Here] Update guide: [Click Here] Multiple profiles guide: [Click Here]

Support: For any queries or assistance, please feel free to contact us at [Contact Link]. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer support and ensuring the optimal performance of our bot.

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