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Etsy Bot

Etsy Bot

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The Etsy Add to Cart and Auto Checkout Bot is a sophisticated tool designed to enhance your shopping experience on Etsy. It repeatedly searches for items using keywords on collection pages and swiftly adds available items to the cart for quick checkout. Compatible with the Chrome browser, it's operable on all operating systems and can run multiple Chrome profiles simultaneously to handle various items.

Supported regions include the United States (US) and Australia (AU).

Key Features:

  • Fast add-to-cart and auto-checkout functionalities using HTTP web request methods.
  • Auto-refresh capability on product listing pages until items are available.
  • Customizable refresh delay settings.
  • Ability to add and save both shipping and billing addresses.
  • Keyword input for targeted item searches.
  • Comprehensive add-to-cart, auto-filling, and complete checkout processes.
  • User-friendly interface designed for reliability and frequent updates.
  • Swift adaptation to website changes ensuring up-to-date bot performance.
  • Unlimited usage with 2 years of free updates and support.

Bot Installation and Setup Guide:

  1. Install the bot following the instructions in the PDF sent via auto-email post-purchase. Access the bot via the browser extension icon.
  2. Optionally enter size and color specifications.
  3. Input the desired keywords, separated by commas.
  4. Fill in billing and shipping address details, choose a payment method, and input payment information. Save the settings and start the bot.
  5. Navigate to the product listing page or directly to the product page for keyword searches or direct link purchases, respectively.
  6. The bot will proceed to add items to the cart and execute auto-checkout based on the selected settings.
  7. Manual captcha intervention may be required during the process.
  8. Input timings are in milliseconds (ms), with 1 second equivalent to 1000ms.
  9. Fields like color, size, or variant can be left blank if irrelevant to the item.
  10. For items with variants but no distinct size or color options, use the variant's name in the respective field.
  11. For assistance or issues, contact the support team.


1. The latest version is: 3.8.4

2. Problems solved: Auto login implemented and “dispatch here“ button click problem fixed. The shipping address problem was fixed and the guest checkout and login options were implemented. payment problem fixed. payment method selection problem fixed. Add to cart problem fixed on some products and Paypal problem fixed.

3. How to install: Click here

4. How to update: Click here

5. How to make multiple chrome profiles for multiple items cart or multiple accounts open in one computer: Click here

6. If any problem occurs or the bot doesn’t work then please contact us: Click Here


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