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Chucksperry Bot

Chucksperry Bot

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Chucksperry Bot - Advanced E-commerce Automation Solution

Introduction: Welcome to Chucksperry Bot, your premier Add to Cart and Auto Checkout Bot designed for a seamless and efficient shopping experience. This powerful auto-purchasing bot is crafted to swiftly add desired items to the cart and complete the checkout process with exceptional speed. Compatible with the Chrome Browser, it seamlessly operates across all Operating Systems, and its multi-profile functionality enables simultaneous handling of multiple items.

Please be advised that while Chucksperry Bot significantly increases your success chances, success is not guaranteed on every attempt. Refunds are not provided for unsuccessful attempts, but we are committed to promptly updating the bot if it becomes outdated. If you disagree with these terms, we kindly ask that you refrain from purchasing our products or services.


  1. Swift Auto Checkout: Achieve a lightning-fast auto-checkout process for a quick and efficient purchase.
  2. Auto-Refresh Functionality: Intelligent auto-refresh on the product listing page until the desired item becomes available.
  3. Customizable Refresh Delay: Set the refresh delay according to your preferences for optimal performance.
  4. Complete Checkout Facilities: Enjoy the convenience of Add to Cart, Auto-filling, and seamless checkout features.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Chucksperry Bot boasts a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for an enhanced user experience.
  6. Reliability and User-Friendly Design: Recognized as one of the most reliable and user-friendly bots in the market.
  7. Rapid Updates: We ensure quick updates to adapt to any changes on the website, especially at critical moments.
  8. Unlimited Use: Access Chucksperry Bot without restrictions, along with 2 years of complimentary updates and support.

Bot Installation and Setup Guide:

  1. Follow the instructions in the PDF file downloaded from our store to install the bot.
  2. Enter the collection page URL in the designated field on the bot setting page (e.g.,
  3. Specify the refresh time in milliseconds.
  4. Enable auto-checkout if desired, and the bot will add to the cart and auto-checkout accordingly.
  5. The bot is capable of handling captcha checkbox clicks, but manual intervention is required for image captchas.
  6. For any queries or assistance, our customer support team is readily available.


  1. The latest version: 0.0.4
  2. Problems solved: The “pay with credit card” button click fixed. The “check out” button click problem has been fixed. The default shipping method functionality is implemented. The Shipping address problem has been fixed. Hidden functionality implemented for all privacy data like user login details, credit card and CVV number, and PayPal details. The shipping address problem has been fixed. The checkout button click problem has been fixed.
  3. How to install: Click here
  4. How to update: Click here
  5. How to make multiple chrome profiles for multiple items cart or multiple accounts open in one computer: Click here
  6. If any problem occurs or the bot doesn’t work then please contact us: Click Here

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