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Auto Refresher Bot

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Auto Refresher Bot. This bot can search the specified keywords repeatedly on any web page by auto rfreshing. Once any keyword matched it stops the refresh and starts a sound notification. AutoRefresher Bot can work on Chrome Browser only so it can run in all Operating Systems those supports chrome browser. It can run in multiple chrome profiles too.

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Key Features

  1. Continues searching any product name or keywords match from the page.

  2. You can set the refresh delay.

  3. You can put keywords to find the items.

  4. Nice user-friendly interface.

  5. Most reliable and most frequent updates.

  6. Unlimited use with lifetime free updates and supports.

Bot Installation and Setup Guide

  1. Install the bot by following the instructions in the given link in the PDF file you have downloaded from our store and click on the extension icon on the top browser bar.

  2. Enter the collection page URL in the URL input field of bot setting page.

  3. Enter product keywords (must be unique identifier of the item). Multiple keywords need to be separated by a comma(,).

  4. Then click on Start button. Bot will start the refresh until it found the item.

  5. It will stop and rise alarm if search words found in the page.