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Argos Bot

Argos Bot

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Argos Add-to-Cart and Autocheckout Bot, a cutting-edge Chrome extension crafted for lightning-fast checkouts on the Argos site. This professional bot revolutionizes limited-item purchases, ensuring you can swiftly secure your desired items. For any inquiries or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our dedicated support team.

Disclaimer: While the Argos Bot significantly enhances your success chances, it does not guarantee successful carting every time. Regular updates are essential for optimal performance. If these terms are not agreeable, we kindly request that you refrain from purchasing our products or services.


  • Intelligent Keyword Search:
    • Utilize both "AND" and "OR" operations for effective keyword searches.
  • Auto-Refresh Functionality:
    • Dynamically refresh the product listing page until the desired item is available.
  • Custom Sizes:
    • Input custom sizes as per the website's specifications.
  • Auto Checkout with Seamless Information Retrieval:
    • Streamline the checkout process using stored Argos address details and credit card information.
  • Comprehensive Checkout Process:
    • Facilitates a seamless journey from adding to cart to auto-filling and completing checkout.
  • User-Friendly Interface:
    • Enjoy a visually appealing and intuitive design for a smooth user experience.
  • Frequent Updates and Rigorous Testing:
    • Regular updates and rigorous testing with real releases ensure reliability.
  • Rapid Updates and Feature Additions:
    • Experience rapid updates and benefit from new features introduced regularly.



  • Installation:
    • Install the bot from the Chrome Web Store using the provided link in the PDF file downloaded from our store. Activate the bot from the browser's extension bar.
  • URL Entry:
  • Keyword Selection:
    • Effectively use product keywords for precise item identification.
  • Refresh Time Setting:
    • Specify the refresh time in milliseconds within the range of 2000-5000 for optimal performance.
  • Auto Checkout Setup:
    • Enable auto-checkout, triggering the billing address field. Complete the checkout type according to your preference.
  • Size Selection:
    • Select the size from the available options or choose "custom size" and input the size exactly as it appears on the Argos website product page.
  • Address and Payment Information:
    • Ensure your Argos account has stored address details. Log in to the site before starting the bot. Enter billing details, ensure shipping mirrors billing, select the payment method, input the card CVV, and securely save the information.
  • Bot Activation:
    • Witness the bot effortlessly add to the cart and initiate the auto-checkout process.
  • Captcha Handling:
    • Solve captchas manually if required.
  • Customer Support:
    • Experience prompt customer support by contacting us via our contact page or Twitter handle.
  • Stay Updated:
    • Ensure your bot is up to date. For manual updates, refer to our guide.



  • Version: 0.0.6
  • Problems Solved: "Pay now and collect" button, "Choose payment" button click problems fixed. "Paypal" payment method implemented. Price range functionality added. The PayPal payment problem has been fixed.

Download and Installation:

Contact Us:

  • Customer Support
  • If any issues arise or for further assistance, please contact us insert contact link.
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