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Supports all sites including

Amazon (us region)
Best Buy (us region)
Walmart (us region)
GameStop (us region) (us region)
Play Asia
ThinkGeek (multiple region site)
Toys R Us (us region)
B&H Photo Video (us region)

More websites to come.... based on demand and which website restocks the most etc.


  • Complete Autocheckout- This Program can go on the website Requested, to finding the product you want, to filling out your checkout information and submitting your order all automatically in less than a second.
  • Restock Monitor- This feature will automatically reload the product page of the item(s) of your choice when it's out of stock, and if the item becomes available again it will automatically check it out for you instantly. 
  • keywords and possible early links will be provided if possible.
  • compatible to work on all computers- This bot is a google chrome extension which makes it better because both mac and window users can use this, as long as they have the chrome browser available.
  • multiple product checkout - this feature allows you to checkout more than one item at a time (perfect for reselling) 
  • (future addition) account generator- we can make multiple accounts for each website so it looks like each order is placed by a different person.


  • Unlike the other Programs we sell, finding a SNES AIO Bot is very difficult. We offer the most advanced and fastest programing for all these sites listed above. Also, the cheapest price so normal users who just want to secure one for themselves can, or if you to make some money back you can easily buy multiple SNES and resell some. All of our Programs are designed for first-time users, even the people who don't even know what a bot is can learn/master them with in an hour.  If you have any doubts before purchase please feel free to check out our success page on the top right of the website. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.
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