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Supreme Bot

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  • It supports (SUPREME US, UK, DE, JP, and FR).  Includes: timer set, proxy setup, multi instances, unlimited use, free updates.
  • What does this program do? MAB Supreme Bot adds item(s) to cart extremely quick, fills our all your information bypasses CAPTCHA, then submits your order, all automatically.
  • What sites/regions does this work on? This is a MAB Supreme Bot meaning it works for all the supreme regions, U.S.A, Japan, Germany, France/all supported Europe countries.


  •  Complete Auto checkout - This Program can go on the website to finding the product you want, to checking out and submitting your order all automatically in less than a second.
  • Add to cart (ATC) Feature, Incase you want to checkout yourself... in case the site gets laggy.
  • CAPTCHA bypass - This feature allows you to skip the CAPTCHA field also know as of where you have to pick select all the car in the picture box.
  • Scheduling Start time System - This feature allows you to start the bot at the exact time you want in case you want to start it early etc.
  • Restock Monitor - This feature will automatically reload the items of your choice when it's out of stock, and if the item becomes available again it will automatically check it out.
  • Multiple product checkout - this feature allows you to checkout more than one item at a time
  • Keywords and possible early links will be provided to you via email or twitter every week
  • Free updates (possibly very very small season renewal fee if the season is highly demanded) 
  • Extremely fast - this feature makes our bot better than the rest on the market giving us the highest checkout success rate of 90 percent. 
  • Different programming / unique code - This feature means we have our own methods for buying and checking-out items on this website. This gives us a high success rate because when supreme does last minute updates to their site our bot does not get affected and will still be functional.
  • Compatible to work on all computers - This bot is a google chrome extension which makes it compatible with both Mac and PC.

Success : Please check out our success page on the top right of the website. There it will show you our story along with a link to our twitter success page. There people tweet at us pictures of what they got and how well our program works etc... Please feel free to check it out if you have any doubts.

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