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Supreme Bot

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This supreme newyork auto buying bot can add to cart and auto checkout on supremenewyork site. This bot supports (US, UK, DE, JP, and FR) regions. This auto purchasing bot includes timer setting, proxy setup, all type items size input, keyword search and color search.

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Key Features

  1. Complete Auto checkout.

  2. Start Timer - This feature allows you to start the bot at the exact time automatically.

  3. Keyword and Color search.

  4. All type items size can choose.

  5. Works for all the supreme regions, U.S.A, Japan, Germany, France/all supported Europe countries.

  6. Captcha Bypass!!!

  7. Proxy Address Support.

  8. Both Credit Card and Cash On Delivery payment system supports.

  9. Life Time Free updates (no season renewal fee).

  10. Extremely fast.

  11. Different programming / unique code with AI mechanism .

  12. Compatible to work on all computers - Both Mac and PC compatible.

  13. Very nice user friendly interface.

  14. Very frequently and quick updates.

  15. Many new features adding each week.