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Kith Bot

Kith Bot

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Kith Bot, is an advanced add-to-cart and auto checkout bot meticulously crafted to optimize and simplify your shopping endeavors on the Kith website. This cutting-edge bot is designed to provide quick responses, increasing your chances of securing the latest and most sought-after fashion items from Kith.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Cart Management:
    • Swiftly adds items to your cart using an HTTP web request method.
  • Persistent Monitoring:
    • Automatically refreshes the product listing page until the desired item is available.
  • Address Management:
    • Conveniently adds and saves both shipping and billing address details.
  • Customizable Refresh Delay:
    • Allows you to set a custom refresh delay based on your preferences.
  • Keyword Search:
    • Utilizes keywords for effective item identification on the collection page.
  • Comprehensive Checkout Process:
    • Streamlines the entire process, from adding to cart to auto-filling and completing the checkout.
  • User-Friendly Interface:
    • Features a sleek and intuitive design for ease of use.
  • Reliability and Timely Updates:
    • Maintains reliability through frequent updates, ensuring adaptability to website changes.
  • Unlimited Usage:
    • Enjoy unlimited use with 2 years of free updates and support.


Installation and Setup Guide:

  • Bot Installation:
    • Follow the instructions provided in the PDF file sent via email after purchase. Activate the bot from the browser's extension bar.
  • URL Entry:
    • Enter the collection page URL in the designated field (e.g.,
  • Keyword Selection:
    • Input product keywords separated by commas for effective item identification.
  • Auto-Checkout Setup:
    • Select auto-checkout to enable the billing address field. Complete the checkout type.
  • Address and Payment Information:
    • Enter billing and shipping details, choose a payment method, input payment information, and save the data.
  • Bot Activation:
    • The bot will automatically add to the cart and initiate auto-checkout.
  • Customer Support:
    • For any queries or assistance, contact us. Our support team is ready to help.



  • Latest Version: 1.0.0
  • Problems Solved: Implementation of hidden functionality for privacy data.

Download and Installation:

Contact Us:

Elevate your shopping experience with the Kith Bot – your key to seamless add-to-cart and auto-checkout.

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